I have inspired audiences large and small, near and far, corporate and charity. A proven winner, I have ranked repeatedly as a State Public Speaking Finalist in contests hosted by Toastmasters International.

 What makes me "different"? My experience & successes are real and verifiable. I am a clear-headed, optimistic motivator and team player...no longer caught up in the hustle & bustle of corporate life. I live to play and enjoy each day with my family. My LIFESTYLE makes me a more effective speaker!

Examples Of Testimonials From Those Who Have Heard Andrew Greenstein Speak Live...
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"[I] Loved your presentation- [It was] professional, inspiring, heartfelt, & entertaining. ."
 ---Alan Cohen, author of "The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Any More,"
      writer for "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and more...

"Wonderful job! I'm impressed....I loved it. Powerful story."
  --- Darren LaCroix, 2001 Toastmasters International
        World Champion of Public Speaking

"You managed to turn a potentially dull lesson into something I wanted you to continue
speaking about for another half an hour. Loved the way you made it interactive rather
than talking all the time – keeping us involved with exercises kept us listening. You are
really a gifted speaker."---Dana Kowan

"Your speech came at a good time. I needed an uplifting, motivational speech. Haven't been myself lately."---Nancy DeFerrari

"I'd love to have a copy of your speech to keep me inspired and motivated. Since your
speech, I've been asking myself "What area of my life might I feel is IMPOSSIBLE to
change?" I imagine many others have been, too."---Elaine Carson

"The way you show your emotions in your speeches really touched our hearts. The tears in my date's eyes were a dead giveaway." ---Tim Ricke

"You have an inviting spirit that connects with people and people love people - people. I
believe in the saying "You Lead By Example," people love to hear and be helped by stories such as the one you told about your speech impediment experience, Darien and I felt that your story was truly amazing."---Darius

"Thanks Andrew you have a beautiful spirit that just flows into others definitely into me.
The things you say give me a laugh and/or inspiration. God is using you and your talents."---Cpt. Paulette Jones

"I just wanted you to know what a wonderfully, brilliant person I think
you are! The speech you gave to us last week was fabulous.. You have the ability to really draw people in and get them to stop and think about their own lives."
---Shannon Leonard

"I just wanted to tell you that you are a guiding light for me and have been a source of
inspiration. Your success stories keep me going. I will not be surprised if you become the next Demosthenes or the next Churchill. You totally understand the game of life and you figured how to play it." --Kaushik Valluri

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